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Read what the media is saying about constitutional reform in our state.

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AMENDMENT 286 !!!!!

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The Alabama Papers #1

There it is, in black and white in Section 86 of the 1901 Alabama Constitution: "The legislature shall pass such penal laws as it may deem expedient to suppress the evil practice of dueling." Apparently, the Legislature has done a pretty fair job of suppressing dueling in Alabama. When's the last time we've had a good duel? Read more....
Suppressing silliness
Birmingham News, March 5, 2004

The "current" version was written in 1901. It's not so current by 2004 standards. What's known as Alabama's highest code of law - the state's constitution - to this day carries a plethora of strong racial and sexist language. Read more....
Is it time for a rewrite?
Andalusia-Star News, October 15, 2004
By Kim Henderson

The evil practice of dueling.

From the lack of discussion about tax and constitution reform since the failure of last year's Amendment One and the subsequent budget crisis, one might think that the efforts didn't just get pushed to the back seat of politicians' agendas -- they got run over. Read more.....
Constitution reform takes a back seat
Huntsville Times, April 11, 2004
By Anthony McCartney, correspondent